Hunting in the Job Market

The job is ever-changing and fluid so understanding how to navigate it today is more important than ever to the future of your career.

References Can Make or Break You

Your references are becoming increasingly more important and valuable. Your resume will get you an interview, but it’s the reference report that can win you the job in a closely competitive job race. Believe me, employers are taking a closer look at your references and are carefully examining your credentials, the integrity of your profile, both online and offline, and your past

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Job Hunting for Beginners

Whether you recently graduated or have been in the professional world for just a little time now, establishing a strong personal brand and marketing yourself for your first or next career opportunity requires diligent planning and execution, as well as an open mind. Personal branding in your field of endeavor means your resume, cover letters and other personal marketing materials are specifically

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Job Hunting for the Mid-Career Professional

You’ve been working in your career field for some time now having somehow survived the great recession as part of the X generation. You’re in the middle of your life, career and the workforce. Now you are in the hunt for a new job. What do you do? First, understand that there are roughly 84 million Gen X individuals here in the

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Job Seekers: Using Social Media

Familiarize yourself with social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, personal website, blog, YouTube, etc. How do they work? What is their purpose? What do they do best? What can each one do for you? How will each online segment specifically achieve or help you to achieve your goals and objectives? All are great for branding and marketing yourself but in different

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