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People Hire People – Resume Writer Philosophy

The Sequence Way

At Sequence, we understand that people hire people. It has been at the core of our philosophy since our partent company founding 20 years ago.

At the end of the day, organizations are in essence groups of individuals working together towards common goals. A company can be viewed as a living, breathing entity made up of dozens, hundreds or thousands of workers; skilled and experienced individuals carrying out, managing or strategizing key tasks and working together to achieve goals.

We have a great appreciation of the nuances of human elements and their relation to employment requirements that need to be weighted in every occupation and with every individuals career. Professionals are more than paper resumes or digital profiles. They are craftsmen, scientists, innovators, and in many cases, artists of their trade.

People are the most important element in the success of every business or organization. We recognize people as individuals with unique skills, abilities, experience, and backgrounds. Each is their own personal brand. Each is and brings something special.



“Sequence: Where a handshake still means everything.”

The industries we serve are very close-knit communities. In these circles, an organization’s abilities, quality of work and the constant commitment to professionalism are the attributes that quickly separate them from others in their field. Our resume writers think about this everytime they write a resume.

Our reputation as an extremely competent and ethical professional resume writing service comes from the fact that we value honesty and undertake our resume writing and branding materials development projects with the same high level of professionalism you would in conducting your own affairs. With that in mind, we customize our service offerings and solutions to meet your needs and long-term career objectives.

Success requires constant communication and understanding of each individual we our resume writers work with. Over time, our customers come to look at us not just as a resource to their career efforts, but as a valued and trusted partner and asset to their career. We stand behind our corporate motto, “Sequence: Where a handshake still means everything.”

Your career can’t be left to chance.

Let Sequence help you Empower Your Career and Change Your Life.

Annah K. Analyst - Texas

15%!  That was the jump in raise due to the Resume, so thank you once again for the effort on this.  I can now have money to help out my family back home… Great Job guys!!

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James W. City Planner - New York

Sequence has made a tremendous difference in helping me to brand and market myself in a way I never thought possible. The customized resume and professional online profile they produced for me have helped me to take my career forward to

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Why Use Sequence

When you need professional assistance you call on a professional. We use professionals in many facets of our everyday life. We call on a professional to do our hair, perform medical and dental work, service our cars, launder and tailor our clothes, repair our homes, prepare our taxes, represent in us in legal matters, and many, many more.

But when it comes to making a career change, we too often think we can manage this by our self.

Your resume is perhaps the single most important document of your career. It’s designed to tell your story, represent your professional accomplishments, highlight your experience, and showcase your skills. Why leave this to chance?

Sure, you can have a friend help you write your resume, have a colleague give you some pointers or pay a faceless organization to turn out a generic resume for you. Or you can entrust the future of your career to the professionals at Sequence with industry-specific experience who interact daily with employers and know with certainty what they are looking for in a candidate.

At Sequence, we only produce customized resumes and other personal brand marketing materials that are designed to make you stand out and garner the attention of the employer you are targeting. We work closely with you throughout the job-seeking process and are always available to provide professional guidance and assistance. It’s the Sequence way.

We think you will find dealing with Sequence a vastly unique experience.



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