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Frequenctly Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have received numerous inquiries over the years and have listed some of the most commonly frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our Resume Writing Services. Click any question below to see the answer. We hope this helps. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Our Products and Services

Sequence offers an array of professional products and services designed to meet all of your career planning and development needs. In addition to résumés, we produce customized:

  • Cover Letters
  • Professional Profiles and Bio’s (LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Project Lists
  • Follow-Up / Thank You Letters
  • Curriculum Vitae’s (CVs)
  • Webpage Content

We are widely known throughout the industry for our professional career consulting services. Our professionals don’t just write resumes, we put on résumé clinics, speak and lecture as keynote speakers and trainers with leading industry professional organizations, author avidly and network widely in career and employment industry circles. We also offer these professional services:

  • Career Planning Consultation
  • Career Evaluations
  • Assessment Tests
  • Personal Branding
  • Interview Preparation
  • Training Courses
  • Books (VITAE Exercise and many others)

As long as it is telling your compelling story.

In general, most people have 1-2 pages. But yours can be longer.

A résumé should only be as long as it’s telling a compelling story. When it ceases to be compelling, stop writing. Your professional career isn’t limited by pages, but by the story it tells. We believe everyone has a story and telling it in a compelling manner is what sets you apart. Our experts are able to produce a compelling résumé in 1-2 pages, but we often see 3-4 pages. It really depends upon the industry, experience and accomplishments you might have.

It’s not uncommon for us to see 10+ pages for those in the academic, scientific and research fields, along with those that work on project teams. Listing key projects can consume a fair amount of space which is why we recommend the use of Project Lists.

Regardless, we will produce a compelling résumé concisely using the fewest pages necessary.

Pricing depends on your unique needs and package.

Prices for services vary based on levels of professional experience and type of résumé. We offer résumés as packages with other accompanying services and materials as well as single and individual products. Generally, résumé types include:

  • Entry-Level / Graduate (0 – 3 years experience)
  • Mid-Career / Professional (4 – 12 years experience)
  • Senior-Level / Executive (13+ years experience)
  • Military-Civilian Transition

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Résumé vs. CV

A résumé is more commonly used in all industry sectors in the U.S. while a CV is more often used here when applying for academic, education, scientific, and research positions, and can be applicable when applying for fellowships and grants. CVs are also used more widely in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The primary difference between the two is length and structure (what is included and how it’s used). A résumé is generally shorter than a CV. While a resume is normally 1 – 3 pages summarizing your experience, knowledge, skills, education, and key accomplishments, a CV is normally longer.

A curriculum vitae summarizes your educational and academic background, plus teaching and research experience, publications and presentations, awards and honors, along with professional affiliations and other pertinent facts related to the profession.

So which should you use? Unless you’re in the academic / educational / technical field, you should use a résumé.

Still not sure? Feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to help you find the correct product.

We have you covered.

Not a problem. We keep your résumé on file and can adapt it to other positions you are seeking. Your résumé is a living document and should be customized for every position you apply to. So it’s common to have a different résumé for each opportunity you seek. Some of our résumé packages also include the writing of an additional focused résumé.

“If it sounds too good to be true it is.” – P.T. Barnum

No one can make this guarantee as there are so many factors that are involved in landing a position. In our experience, anyone that is promising you a job with a résumé they are writing for you is selling. Or providing you such a low quality loss leader product that such a guarantee wouldn’t matter should you down the road attempt to exercise that guarantee.

We can guarantee that we will work with you in good faith to make you happy and satisfied with our products and services, which in turn, greatly improves your odds for achieving your career objectives. But we won’t tell you are going to get a job.

Your résumé is but one tool in your professional career and branding materials toolbox. We invite you to avail yourself of our full line of products and services that will help and prepare you for the successful career move and professional direction.

The Sequence Difference

We grew out of the employment industry and evolved this part of our business Career Services division into résumé writing and career counseling. We aren’t just technical writers without hands-on and proven practical experience. We don’t just teach, we do. Because we interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected organizations throughout the U.S. and around the world, we know and understand what employers are looking for in potential hires. It’s why our products and services are so successful at capturing their attention and can significantly increase your brand awareness in the job marketplace.

Unlike other firms, when you contract our services you are assigned to a professional with vast experience recruiting, branding and marketing job candidates; who works closely with employers recruiting and screening candidates and résumés; has a proven track record producing hundreds and hundreds of résumés and other vital personal brand materials; possesses a keen knowledge of the employment landscape; and is a highly capable career planning and development consultant.

It’s why a Sequence résumé stands apart. Our expert professional résumé writers know how to craft tailor-made résumés. We know how best to incorporate key words, utilize action verbs and adjectives, how to best adapt the résumé to the job you are seeking, and how to tell your story in the most compelling way. Our years of experience expertly combining these key ingredients to produce powerful résumés is what sets Sequence apart, and is why our résumés will increase the odds that yours will catch the attention of employers.

We cater to our veterans and those serving our country.

Yes, we have produced a vast number of résumés for those serving overseas who are transitioning to civilian employment. In fact we are partnered with professional associations specifically dedicated to that purpose.

You don’t need to wait until you are discharged and live with a basic resume. We can produce your résumé today so you can have a seamless transition upon returning home.

We commonly conduct a good deal of our work by email as many of our service men and women are deployed to hot or combat zones and the Internet is their main source for access. It’s an easy process that we have mastered and we know how to communicate your background and experience to a civilian employer.

We work with professionals on five continents.

Yes, we are experienced working with people all around the world and are regularly called upon to produce résumés and other personal brand marketing materials that American employers are accustomed to seeing. Let us properly represent you in the U.S. marketplace. We are steeped in the American culture and know exactly what U.S. employers are looking for in an international professional.

We can work with you wherever you are.

No. If you are nearby our main office or one of our locations, you’re always welcomed. But we have developed an easy system whereby we work with individuals all across the country and around the world simply using the telephone and Internet. We conduct all meetings with you by phone / video call and deliver the products by email attachment or FTP upload. Whether in person or connected by technology, we are a bit oldschool and strive to maintain a human connection.

You will be.

Our motto sums it up, “Sequence. Where a handshake still means everything.”

We proudly stand behind our products and services. That’s why we have so many happy, satisfied customers that generously refer us to others and return back to us time and time again. We guarantee that we will work with you in good faith to ensure you are satisfied and will make sure you receive the product and service you purchased and deserve. Guaranteed!

20+ years and counting.

Sequence has been in business since 1996.

You can kick the tires and talk to a real expert; we aren’t a flight by night organization and we don’t export the writing of your resume/career materials or components to third party service providers as do some many other organizations.

Life changing.

We are comprised of a team of professionals with sterling professional experience.

As an outgrowth of our parent company Sequence Staffing, our Career Services at Sequence Résumés are led by noted industry leaders.

Our professionals are well known throughout the industry as some of the most innovative thinkers with regards to professional branding, career counseling and résumé writing. We’ve written / rewritten thousands of résumés and spoken to thousands of professionals of all types about their careers.

The principals in our VITAE Book as an example have been exposed to over 50,000 people in personal interactions through events, resumes clinics, seminars and conferences.

Individuals interacting with us have described their experience and new perspective on their careers after speaking as transformational.

What’s more, when you contract our services you are assigned to a professional with vast experience recruiting, branding and marketing job candidates; who works closely with employers recruiting and screening candidates and resumes; has a proven track record producing hundreds and hundreds of résumés and other vital personal brand materials; possesses a keen knowledge of the employment landscape; and is a highly capable career planning and development consultant.

Proven Experience.

Everyone one of our professionals working on our résumé writing services team is exceptionally experienced with career branding and marketing.

They have worked closely with both employers and individual job seekers;  have a proven track record producing résumés and other vital personal brand materials; possess a keen knowledge of the employment landscape; and are highly capable career planning and development consultants.

1) Shop – 2) Speak with your Resume Writer – 3) Review your Individualized Product

It’s very simple. After reviewing the product and service offerings, select the one that best meets your needs today, and follow the steps provided. We feel confident that you will find this to be an easy and pleasant shopping experience. Should you need further assistance, please Contact Us immediately.

Little Less than a week.

Generally it takes upwards of five days to create a resume. We are unique in this regard; we aren’t a paper mill turning out generic or templated documents.

We work on this schedule because we have learned it takes time to get to know you, to learn about your professional background and experience, and to understand your career objective.

We spend quality time with you at the outset. Then we carefully craft a customized résumé to meet your needs and to ensure that you receive a powerful résumé that will not only capture the attention of employers, but meet your complete satisfaction.

You pay when we start work.

Payment is due at the time you make and complete your order.

You can pay online or by telephone.

You may order and pay online here at our website or by phone with one of our specialists.

If ordering online simply follow the prompts to select the product and service offering and follow the steps provided. To speak with one our professional team members, please call us directly at 916-782-6900.

Either way, we feel confident that you will find this to be an easy and pleasant shopping experience.

Don’t worry, we’ve been in business 20+ years. We are going to be around to finish your résumé.

When you contract with our services, we begin a very personal and professional relationship based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. In essence, you have entrusted us with your career background and future to produce powerful personal brand marketing materials for you.

Our professional service and products are very specialized and personally tailor-made just for you to meet your specific career needs. We work diligently on your behalf. For that reason, our expertise, time and resources are fully taxed before you receive your product.

Generally speaking, no.

We don’t do rush jobs. Developing your résumé and other vital personal brand marketing materials require expertise, time and attention. Our service is personalized and is based upon getting to know you, understanding your professional background and experience, and understanding your career objective at this juncture.

Sure other firms offer quick turnarounds, but they don’t design, develop and polish your brand. Producing a quickie generic résumé will not advance your career effort, and in fact, in our experience, will most often hamper your prospects for obtaining gainful employment.

Normally by email or FTP ( / type upload in MS Word, Txt and/or PDF.

We normally send you your résumé and other products as an email attachment or upload it to you in a FTP type systems in MS Word and/or PDF Format.

Producing it as a Word document makes it easier for you to make changes as needed and is the most common format accepted by employer ATS systems worldwide. Other special formats can be created by request.

Whatever helps us best get to know you, understand your background / experience and tell your compelling story.

If you already have a résumé and other personal brand marketing materials then it would be most helpful to provide these to us to start the process.

The more applicable and detialed materials you provide to us, the better we will be able to assist you.

By reviewing, we become acquainted with you much faster and will ask specific questions to fill in the blanks.

You can email and pass these on to your résumé writer once one is assigned to you.