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Entry-Level Professional Resume Writing Package

As an entry-level professional or recent graduate, your employment prospects are wide open. We have great options designed just for you as a recent graduate or more junior-level employee. We know the special needs of those searching for their first job or seeking to progress up the career ladder

Because we interact daily with employers we know what they are specifically looking for in a prospective candidate for their organization. It’s why we know how to market you for the job you are targeting.  It’s not just about the resume.  It’s about you; the complete package.

Our special professional resume packages are captivating in the way they capitalize on your core skill set, education and training, knowledge and understanding, key attributes and characteristics, and capabilities to create a compelling picture of you. As you may not have the work experience of others, we will draw from the experience you do have to highlight your strengths and abilities.

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Mid-Career Level Professional Resume Writing Package

At this stage of your career you have established your reputation, developed your skill set, gained valuable experience, and now have so much more to offer.  You have developed valuable knowledge and abilities; you are often the sort of professional employers are seeking to step up and take charge of major projects and lead organizations. But, if you don’t market your brand, others may not know the value you have to offer as you work to move to the next level.

Let our resume writing professionals and career branding experts at Sequence build and polish your brand.  Our resume writing services are vastly different. We will work closely with you to produce a professionally written resume and other personal brand marketing materials that will put the spotlight on your achievements, and core characteristics and attributes that clearly set you apart from the others.

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Senior Level Resume Writing Package

Senior-Level Professional Resume Writing Package

As a senior-level or executive professional you need to properly showcase your demonstrated leadership, skills and achievements. You have accomplished so much in your career, but how do you decide what to put into your resume and what to omit?

More importantly, how do you clearly illustrate these accomplishments and set yourself compellingly apart from other leaders?

At your level it is expected that you will have a customized resume package that presents you in the proper light – an accomplished, knowledgeable leader who successfully seizes opportunities, consistently delivers results and is a true value-added proposition.

The professional branding and resume writers at Sequence are resume strategists and have the expertise.  We are consistently reviewed as the best resume writing service and online resumes writers by our satisfied customers. We know what employers are looking for in someone of your experience and stature.  We know how to best craft, establish and develop your professional resume and market your brand.

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Military to Civilian Transition Resume Writing Package

Military to Civilian Resume Writing Package

Transitioning from military service to the civilian sector requires a special effort. It automatically makes your needs different from the typical civilian individual seeking employment. That in mind, you not only need a resume, but a personal brand marketing package. This will enable you to convey your experience, knowledge, skills, talents and achievements. It will also showcase the qualities an organization wants from its professionals, such as your leadership skills and abilities, decisiveness, resourcefulness, and other key attributes and characteristics.

This is how Sequence can set you apart from the competition. Our professional resumes writers have the expertise and know-how to translate your military experience into easily understood civilian terms. We convey your abilities and capabilities in terms that civilians are seeking. We understand that to find the kind of career opportunities you desire, your resume needs to illuminate your accomplishments in a way that allows employers to relate to your skills within their industry sector.

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