Social Media Profile – Mid-Career / Professional Level


Social Media Profile – Mid-Career / Professional Level (4 – 12 years experience)

It’s critically important today to present a strong online presence; just as important as having one offline. Without a powerful online profile, you are handicapped. Increasingly, employer and recruiters are looking for you online to see what and how you are viewed on the Internet. That’s why your professional profile for use with social media is a must and is just as important as your resume. Sequence knows how to define and build your online brand with a powerful professional social media profile (such as LinkedIn, etc.).

This customized social media profile is designed to showcase your qualifications, strengths and highlights that will make you stand apart from the competition.  It’s exceptionally priced for just $169.95. Don’t delay, order your online profile content today!

Please Note: Social Media Profiles are available ONLY as add-ons to resume purchases or as part of our Ultimate Package.

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Build a Powerful Online Brand with a Sequence Professional Profile

Professional Profile

Most of us use LinkedIn, Facebook and perhaps other social and networking sites. But, did you know that companies and recruiters are increasingly using these too? It’s part of a growing trend. More firms are reaching out to “passive candidates” through social media; so your online presence is valuable to your future career opportunities and endeavors.

In addition to a resume and other personal brand marketing materials, building a strong online presence today is just as important. Even more important is having the right online presence; not only one that accurately portrays you, but does so in the most positive manner. Sequence can produce an online profile that will significantly enhance your brand.

Why is this important? Because in the online world, perception is reality. How others see you based on Internet information is often who they believe you are. So your “image” or “brand” is their sense of reality about you.

This new reality also requires that you must now have an online presence. It’s expected in our information-driven society. Even if you aren’t of the mind to adopt online branding, others are already looking online to learn about and define you.

Your personal brand is what employers, professional colleagues, acquaintances, and your network see. Just as corporations carefully craft and manage their brands, so must you if you wish to grow your career in this digital and information age.

Establishing your brand online enables you to differentiate yourself from others – your competition.

Beyond reputation management considerations, statistics show that 90 percent of recruiters and human resources professionals recruiting use Google, Internet search and other social and professional networking sites to learn more about or make decisions on candidates. According to a Business Week survey, 35 percent of surveyed employers actually admitted to eliminating a candidate based on information gained from online.

So don’t leave your professional online profile to chance. Let the Sequence team polish your brand today for $169.95.

Why a Sequence Professional Profile?

At Sequence, we interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers throughout the U.S. and around the world. We know and understand what employers are looking for in a job candidate. It’s why our products and services are so successful at capturing their attention and can significantly increase your brand awareness in the job marketplace. Our professional profiles are written to make you stand out for a positive online presence.

The Sequence Difference

We customize every professional profile. We don’t work off a generic template, simply because they don’t work. Our tailor-made profile will make your brand shine online and help you to stand apart from the competition.

Our Process: How it Works

Once you contract our services, you will be assigned to a professional with vast experience recruiting, branding and marketing job candidates; who works closely with employers recruiting and screening candidates and resumes; has a proven track record producing thousands of professional profiles and bio’s, and other vital personal brand materials; possesses a keen knowledge of the employment landscape; and is a highly capable career planning and development consultant.

We will develop an objective and timeline that suits your schedule, and work closely with you to fulfill our commitment to you to your complete satisfaction.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We proudly stand behind our products and services. That’s why we have happy, satisfied customers that generously refer us to others and return back to us years later. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied and will make sure you receive the product and service you gladly purchased and deserve.

Prices and Ordering

All of our professional profiles and bio’s are produced in MS Word and/or PDF formats.