Project List – Military to Civilian Transition


Professional Project List – Military – Civilian Transition

In many industries and professional fields a project list is an important complement to the resume package. As a Military to Civilian Transitioning Professional, using a project list as an addendum to your resume to show your accomplishments allows you to tell a more detailed, compelling story about the projects you have worked on, what your role was and how it contributed to the overall success of the effort.

Sequence pioneered the practice of using Project Lists as an additional complement to the other key professional career materials in your complete professional career package. Well organized and written with the important details help sets you apart, and will be one of your most valuable branding tools in your job search. Let Sequence work with you to produce a comprehensive and compelling project list.

This customized project list is designed to showcase your qualifications, strengths and highlights that will make you stand apart from the competition.  It’s exceptionally priced for just $129.95. Don’t delay, order your project list today!

Package Details

Ably Demonstrate Your Project Accomplishments

Project Lists

A project list can often be an excellent tool for not only demonstrating your accomplishments and experience over time, but also as a way to show a diversity of engagement with varied types of endeavors. It is one of the most overlooked, yet is one of the most useful devices you can have when developing a complete package of career materials and branding yourself.

Just as you have a resume and cover letter, you should develop and consistently work to update and enhance your project list. Whether you have worked on just one project thus far in your career or have been a part of many, developing a well organized project list is vital to your career marketing efforts.

The project list is used as an addendum to your resume. It affords you to keep your resume to a page or so, and allows you to tell a larger story about your involvement in assorted projects. A succinct resume with an attached project list will often be more effective. Along with insight, it also offers an additional conversation piece for continued engagement with a prospective employer.

Why a Sequence Project List?

Because we interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers throughout the U.S. and around the world, we know and understand what employers are looking for in a job candidate. It’s why our products and services are so successful at capturing their attention and can significantly increase your brand awareness in the job marketplace. Our letters are written to make you stand out after the interview.

The Sequence Difference

There are two basic types of project lists: chronological and categorical. Deciding which one to use depends in part on the type of position you are seeking.

Remember that the prospective employer is your “customer” and you want to give the customer what they want. What does the employer need? That is, are they seeking a diversified employee with experience in a wide array of projects, or are they seeking someone with expertise in one or two key areas?

Let the Sequence professionals help you to address their needs and provide the answer. Our expertise developing project lists will make yours stand out and take notice. We have the industry specific experts and professional branding and candidate marketing specialists who are highly capable of crafting a customized project list to meet your career needs.

Our Process: How it Works

Once you contract our services, you will be assigned to a professional with vast experience recruiting, branding and marketing job candidates; who works closely with employers recruiting and screening candidates, resumes and project lists; has a proven track record producing thousands of professional project lists, and other vital personal brand materials; possesses a keen knowledge of the employment landscape; and is a highly capable career planning and development consultant

We will develop an objective and timeline that suits your schedule, and work closely with you to fulfill our commitment to you to your complete satisfaction.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We proudly stand behind our products and services. That’s why we have happy, satisfied customers that generously refer us to others and return back to us years later. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied and will make sure you receive the product and service you gladly purchased and deserve.

Prices and Ordering

All of our project lists are produced in MS Word and/or PDF formats.