Additional Discounted – Senior-Level Resume & Cover Letter Package

Senior Level Resume Writing Package


Additional DISCOUNTED Senior-Level Professional Resume & Cover Letter

As a Special Offer for returning Senior / Executive Level Professional Customers! If you have previously purchased a Senior-Level Professional Deluxe, Grand or Ultimate Package you have the option now of purchasing this additional Resume and Cover Letter Package at any time during the discount period at this special reduced price.

Discount period with purchase of a package includes:

Delxue Package: Up to one year from original package purchase.
Grand Package: Up to two years from original package purchase.
Ultimate Package: Up to two years from original package purchase; also, special benefits apply.

We know, as a job seeker, candidates are applying for more than one position at any one time. Or need to keep their materials current. That’s why we offer a special discount for producing revisions to your Resume and Cover Letter so each will be tailored-made for each of the positions / focuses you are seeking or as a refresh to keep them as up-to-date as possible.

Generic resumes and letters will get you nowhere. That’s why it’s important to revise and customize these two key personal brand marketing materials at the same time. Sending a tailor-made resume and matching cover letter tells the employer that you have a keen attention to detail, are truly interested in the opportunity, possess strong communication skills, and are the best person for the position.

Our Professional Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services are designed just for you. As a senior-level executive you want to showcase your demonstrated leadership, skill and achievements, and thus, you need a resume and cover letter that clearly highlights these qualities while also displaying your distinguished professional background and experience.

At Sequence, our seasoned professional writers know exactly how to do this for you and to help you standout on the written page. We will work with you directly to polish your personal brand, and in so doing, illustrate your core strengths and career accomplishments. We will come to understand your unique background and the position you are seeking. Will will then develop a customized resume and cover letter package that presents you in the proper light – an accomplished leader who successfully seizes opportunities, consistently delivers results and is a true value-added proposition.

Our resumes and cover letters are captivating in the way they capitalize on your core skill set, education and training, knowledge and understanding, key attributes and characteristics, and capabilities to create a compelling picture of you.

The purpose of our documents is to “catch an eye” and start that initial conversation. What we mean by this is that in today’s world of electronic media, large HR databases, impersonal connections, and strong competition for fewer jobs, you must cleverly navigate through these obstacles to rise above the others.

Resumes and cover letters of the past were designed to tell an employer where you worked and what you did. Your documents today must deliver so much more.

Let Sequence produce you a customized, professionally written resume and cover letter again that helps you move through these perilous channels. To elevate you to in conversations requires a special effort, keen skills and adaptability. Your resume and cover letter must tell an employer a compelling story about you and your professional experience, knowledge, skill set, and achievements. More than ever, these two powerful tools  are the key to successful employment and career advancement.

The Resume and Cover Letter Package is the economical choice for those in need of a professionally produced customized Resume and Cover Letter by one of our leading industry professional resume writers and experts. With your purchase you can be assured you will receive:

  • Professionally Designed / Customized Resume
  • Professionally Designed / Customized Cover Letter
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Initiated 24-Hour Response
  • Assigned to Industry Expert Professional Resume & Letter Writer
  • One-on-One Professional Career Consultation
  • 100% Personal Service & Attention
  • Daily Access to Your Professional Resume Writer
  • One-on-One Product Review & Approval Process
  • 24-Hour Access to our Leading Career Search Blogs


  • 1-Year Electronic Storage: Resume and Cover Letter

Plus, we will keep your resume on file so you may return back to us anytime should you ever need to have produce revisions to the document. So another can be tailored-made for additional positions / focuses you are seeking or as a refresh to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

This custom-made resume and cover letter designed to showcase your qualifications, strengths and highlights that will make you stand apart from the competition are priced exceptionally as a combination package at just $149.95. Don’t delay, order your Resume and Cover Letter Package today!

Package Details

Custom Designed Resume

A top value! A custom-made resume designed to showcase your professional strengths and career highlights that will make you stand apart from the competition.

Personalized Cover Letter

Top-notch choice! The cover letter is a critical component to your marketing package. Don’t overlook this too. Correctly written, the cover letter is among the most valuable personal branding tools in your marketing kit. It can make the difference in defining your brand and is critical to express how you are the best match to the opportunity. Simply put, it tells your future employer how and why you are qualified, and why you are the right person for the job.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our products and service come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We proudly stand behind our products and services. That’s why we have so many happy, satisfied customers that generously refer us to others and return back to us time after time. We guarantee we will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied and make sure you receive the product and service you purchased and deserve. Guaranteed! 

Initiated 24-Hour Response

We will reach out and contact you within 24 hours (business day) of your purchase to personally begin working with you on your ordered products and services.   

Assigned to Industry Expert Professional Resume Writer

You will be personally assigned to a professional with industry experience and expertise producing customized personal brand marketing materials. 

One-on-One Professional Career Consultation  

We offer our customers at no cost an exclusive, one-on-one initial professional career planning and development consultation. You will receive a personal session with one of our leading Career Planning Consultants who will share with you the importance of defining your personal brand, the value of building a powerful online and offline brand presence, how to make yourself stand apart from all others, and how to conduct a productive job search effort.

Additional career planning and development consultation may be purchased. <Read More> (this links to Career Planning Services page where the purchase can be added to the shopping cart). 

100% Personal Service & Attention

Our customers are #1. That’s why we guarantee you will receive personal service and attention at all times from our professional team.

Daily Access to Your Professional Resume Writer

Our personal service and attention includes daily access to your assigned professional writer. We are eager to serve you and to be available to meet your personal brand marketing needs.             

One-on-One Product Review & Approval Process

We don’t just send you a draft. We personally contact you after we have sent you your purchased products and work closely with you to gain your final approval with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

24-Hour Access to our Leading Career Search Blogs  

We invite you to read our leading career search blogs, written by professionals providing valuable insight and advice for career planning, the importance of defining your personal brand, the value of building a powerful online and offline brand presence, how to make yourself stand apart from all others, how to conduct a productive job search effort, and so much more!                       


1-Year Electronic Storage: Resume & Cover Letter

We will gladly keep your products safely on file – at no charge – in our electronic storage for one year so you can freely return to retrieve copies as needed.