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Sequence provides a wide array of job search, career planning and professional resume writing services for career-minded individuals. At Sequence, as part of our resume writing services, we have a team of professional resume writers, branding and candidate marketing specialists who are highly capable of developing your resume, building your brand, and transforming your career plans into action to achieve your personal goals and expectations. From resume assistance to resume writer service and professional resume writing help, find out why local Sacramento residents turn to Sequence time and time again to write their resume.

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We interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers in the marketplace. We are especially known for providing job seekers an exceptional level of professional and personalized service and expertise in career planning, personal branding and candidate marketing for the finest positions with leading organizations throughout the United States and around the world. We have written resumes for every conceivable role.

There are things you learn after engaging with thousands and thousands of professionals to write their resumes. Our expertise in this regard is unparalleled. Additionally, we proudly partner on a regular basis with some of the most professional organizations, government agencies and companies in these sectors.

As a Sacramento local, trust our professional resume writers to help you develop a powerful resume.


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City of SacramentoSacramento

Sacramento has been the state capital of California since 1854. Once the state’s second largest city, Sacramento was a major distribution center during the California Gold Rush and was the western terminus of the Pony Express. The American River, where gold was first discovered in California in the middle of the 19th century, flows through the city. In the market boom between 2003 and 2008, the population of the metropolitan area reached close to 2.5 million people as suburbs such as Roseville, Lincoln, and Elk Grove grew, making the Sacramento region the largest region in the California’s Central Valley. According to the 2010 census, Sacramento is the nineteenth most-populous metropolitan area in the United States. Sacramento is home to the National Basketball Association’s Sacramento Kings. California State University, Sacramento is situated in the city.

City Website:
Chamber of Commerce:
County Website:


Situated in Sacramento County, with a population of 485,199, the City of Sacramento is a unique as one of California’s Largest Municipalities (Ranked 6 in size).

Economy / Education

The economy for Sacramento is expected to show a Projected 5-Year Growth Rate of 9%. It is also fairly educated with 83.2% having earned a high school diploma and 29.6% of residents having earned a Bachelor or Higher. All helping to make the city one of the state’s most competitive markets for job seekers.

Industry Sectors

Industries sectors for Sacramento and Sacramento County are diverse and encompass Aerospace Industries Manufacturers, County Government Offices, Electric Companies, Electronic Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers, Engineers-Environmental, Government Job Training/Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Hospitals, Hospitals, Insurance, Newspapers, Recycling Consultants, Semiconductor Device Manufacturers, State Government Environmental Programs, State Government Offices, State of California Correctional Institutions, Universities, Colleges and Academic Institutions, Veterans’ & Military Organizations, and Vitamin & Food Supplements.

Major Employers

Major employers in area include: Aerojet Rocketdyne, Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, Air Resources Board, AMPAC Fine Chemicals, California Department of Insurance, California Prison Authority, California State University, Corrections Department, Delta Dental Plan of Missouri, Department-Conservation, Dept of Transportation In California, Disabled American Veterans, Employment Development Department, Environmental Protection Agency, Exposition & Fair, Intel Corporation, Mercy General Hospital, Mercy San Juan Medical Center, Municipal Services Agency, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento State, SMUD Customer Service Center, UC Davis Medical Center, Vitamin Shoppe, and Department Water Resources.

Area / Size

Sacramento is surrounded or in close proximity to the cities of: Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Iselton, and Rancho Cordova.

It incorporates the area code of 916 and zip codes 94261, 94259, 95812, 95814, 95813, 95815, 95818, 94267, 94268, 94284, 95819, 94285, 95817, 95816, 94262, 94286, 94263, 95811, 94211, 95894, 94208, 94229, 95899, 94207, 94203, 94299, 94204, 94235, 94234, 94258, 94257, 94256, 94205, 94206, 94232, 94230, 94244, 95837, 94245, 94282, 95841, 95842, 95838, 95840, 95832, 95833, 95830, 95831, 95836, 94247, 95834, 95835, 95851, 94279, 94278, 95866, 94280, 94237, 95867, 94277, 94239, 95860, 95864, 95852, 95853, 94240, 94274, 95865, 94236, 94209, 94288, 94254, 94287, 94283, 94297, 94269, 95826, 95825, 94252, 95821, 94298, 95822, 94250, 95824, 95823, 94289, 94296, 94295, 94294, 95828, 95820, 94248, 95829, 94271, 94291, 94249, 94273, 95827, 94293, 94290.

With consideration of the size, market and diversity of Sacramento, it is more important than ever to have a resume writing service with professional resume writer craft a resume that helps you stand apart from others in the job market.

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Everyone has a story. At Sequence our resume writers have been pioneering the art of telling stories compellingly through custom resumes and high impact professional career branding materials for more than a decade.

Just as you are more than a worker with an assigned number, your resume is more than a simple piece of paper communicating dates, titles and tasks. You are a dedicated professional, craftsmen, innovator, leader and in many cases artist of your trade. A unique brand.

But no one will know this in today’s hyper competitive job market where impressions and decisions are made quickly and data is systematically processed unless you can articulate your message and that brand.

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On average, in our experience, you have just 9 seconds to make an initial impression. Decisions happen that fast. Only a custom produced resume, exclusive to you and crafted to “catch an eye” by a Sequence expert knowledgeable of the distinct demands of your industry will enable you to make that impression.  Gaining this competitive advantage over others in today’s Sacramento area job market is something individuals turn uniquely to Sequence for again and again.

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Trusted by major professional associations

We interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers in niche professional and technical marketplaces throughout the United States and internationally. We have also partnered with leading professional trade associations engaged in these industries.

Because of our collaboration with these trade organizations, we have become trusted experts and consultants providing an array of career planning and resume writing services. Our expertise in these key industry sectors is widely recognized and sought after because we understand the fields inside and out. Beyond resume preparation, our professional resume writing services are unique because we know specifically what employers in Sacramento are looking for and how best to market your resume and get it moved to the top of the pile.

We are particularly noted for serving as keynote speakers and leading an assortment of career planning related seminars, workshops, resume clinics, and special sessions on career branding and resume writing for organizations like the American Planning Association, International Code Council, among others, and lending our industry-specific expertise to career-minded professionals in our country’s leading industry sectors.

Key difference between Sequence and others? We don’t just write resumes and branding materials, we impart valuable expertise and educate individuals about how to use these tools to get jobs, obtain better compensation and further their careers.

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LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

Build your resume and professional profile for the digital age

Generic and basic resumes of the past no longer work in today’s new digital age. In our world of electronic media, large HR databases, impersonal connections, and strong competition for fewer jobs, you must cleverly navigate through these unseen obstacles to rise above all others if you hope to have any chance of being seen and heard.

Producing a resume and professional profile for Sacramento locals that successfully moves you through these perilous channels and elevates you to consideration or an interview requires a special effort, keen skills and adaptability. At Sequence, we understand ATS systems, absorption, keywords, and various applications and have the expert know-how to produce personal brand marketing materials that get you noticed. In addition to profession and executive resume writing services, we are experts at writing custom LinkedIN and Social Media profiles that go beyond paper into digital- one of the reasons we are noted as the best resume writing service by our satisfied customers.

We know and understand what employers are looking for in a job candidate. It’s why our products and online resume writing services are geared towards garnering the attention of employers and can significantly increase your brand awareness in the Sacramento job marketplace.

More than ever, your resume and profile are the key to successful employment and career advancement. Failure to craft these properly is not an option. Trust Sequence to create a resume / digital profile and help you build and market your brand online.

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Sequence Resumes’ parent company, Sequence Staffing, is the premier executive recruitment firm committed to providing employment solutions for the core enterprises responsible for planning, building and maintaining our communities, infrastructure, natural resources, and environment throughout the United States and around the world. We interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers throughout the U.S. and around the world. Unlike other local resume companies, we know and understand what employers are looking for in a job candidate when creating a resume. It’s why our products and online resume writing services are geared towards garnering the attention of employers and can significantly increase your brand awareness in the job marketplace. Our industry specific experts and resume writers will personally work with you directly to develop the most powerful, comprehensive resume package that will highlight your knowledge, skills, experience, education and training, and key characteristics and attributes that clearly demonstrate to employers how you are the best match to the opportunity. As a Sacramento local, discover why our resume writing services and professional resumes writers can create the most compelling and best resume to empower you in your career.

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Jon B. Senior Project Manager - Georgia

The professional assigned to me is by far the best career coach I have worked with. He took the time to get to know each of his clients, and creates a plan of attack will help you achieve your goals. No “Cookie-Cutter” shortcuts

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Annah K. Analyst - Texas

15%!  That was the jump in raise due to the Resume, so thank you once again for the effort on this.  I can now have money to help out my family back home… Great Job guys!!

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