Resumes & Cover Letters

Your resume and accompanying cover letter are perhaps the two most important personal brand marketing materials for the future success of your career.

Purpose of Your Resume: Catch an Eye!

The purpose of the resume is to catch an eye and get a phone call and interview from a prospective employer. What we mean by this is that in today’s world of electronic media, large databases, impersonal connections, and strong competition for fewer jobs you, the job candidate, have to cleverly navigate through these obstacles to rise above the others if you

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Wow ‘em with a Stellar Cover Letter

Just like the resume, first impressions really count. Your cover letter is intended to complement your resume in selling your brand; your professional background and experience so it will entice the employer into calling you for an initial interview. It formally introduces you and quickly tells your story. In fact, the cover letter is the “instruction” page that tells you where to

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