There’s no substitute for developing a strong, vital network of friends, colleagues and professional acquaintances. In an age where collaboration is vital and job security seems uncertain, it’s more important than ever to build your network today – before you need it.

Expressing Your Value Proposition (MVP – My Value Proposition)

Everyone has a story. It’s the account of who you are.  Your story is unique to you and sets you apart from all others.  It’s the history of your life; your career journey.  It reflects your experiences, accomplishments and what you have learned along the way.  It’s also the intersection with others, relationships and associations you have built and nurtured throughout your

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Personal Networking: The Gold Standard

The strongest, most valuable networking method is one-on-one because it’s based on personal communication and relationships between you and others who share an interest in each other and their business. These relationships can easily be developed by actively participating in professional activities, especially through professional associations. Get active in the local and state chapters, and attend meetings regularly. Take on leadership roles

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The Basics of Social Media Networking

Most of us use LinkedIn, Facebook and perhaps other social and networking sites. But, did you know that companies and recruiters are increasingly using these too? It’s part of a growing trend. More firms are reaching out to “passive candidates” through social media; so your online presence is valuable to your future career opportunities and endeavors. The use of “passive talent acquisition”

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Effective Networking Tips – Online vs. Offiline

Online and Offline Networking are both different; with each requiring a bit of a unique approach. At their core, though, they both come down to personal interaction. Online Networking LinkedIn provides excellent online networking opportunities. Rather than submitting your resume to a job board, consider searching for professional connections on LinkedIn to see who works at the company you are targeting. Then

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