Career Planning

Your career is among the most important aspects of your life. Your job is important not only for producing income, but for the satisfaction it should bring to you every day. Don’t leave your career to chance. Plan it wisely and you will be richly rewarded.

Building A Powerful Online Brand

To see how others see you today, check your brand. As a first step Google your name (the vast majority of all searches are). What shows up in the first several pages of search results is often how your brand is currently portrayed on the Internet. Good, bad or not at all is the reality of how you are seen by others.

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Career Advice – Be Relevant and Stay Contemporary

No matter how many years of experience you have, there’s always more to learn. Be relevant. By its definition “relevant” means to be pertinent, applicable, germane, appropriate, significant, and important. If you’re a mid-career professional, you are defined by having fresh and relevant experience. Stay abreast of developments in your field, emerging trends, news, and professional courses and certifications that are available

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Difference Between Marketing Yourself Online and Offline

The difference between marketing yourself offline versus online is fairly simple. It’s the difference between a personal interaction and an impersonal, distant interaction. A personal interaction with you is going to have more value, but an online interaction with your brand is still vital and needed in marketing yourself in today’s marketplace. Online Marketing Most of us use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and

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Developing a Productive Network

By definition, networking is the practice of building and maintaining relationships, especially with others whose friendship could bring advantages such as a new job, professional or business opportunities. The most common networking is conducted through personal encounters and online social media. Having a strong personal and professional network, more than any other factor, often is the difference that allows individuals to remain

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