Personal Brand Marketing Materials

Besides your resume, other materials factor in just as critically important to marketing yourself effectively, including cover letters and thank you letters; project lists and portfolios; and online and offline profiles and bios.

Purpose of Your Resume: Catch an Eye!

The purpose of the resume is to catch an eye and get a phone call and interview from a prospective employer. What we mean by this is that in today’s world of electronic media, large databases, impersonal connections, and strong competition for fewer jobs you, the job candidate, have to cleverly navigate through these obstacles to rise above the others if you

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Wow ‘em with a Stellar Cover Letter

Just like the resume, first impressions really count. Your cover letter is intended to complement your resume in selling your brand; your professional background and experience so it will entice the employer into calling you for an initial interview. It formally introduces you and quickly tells your story. In fact, the cover letter is the “instruction” page that tells you where to

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Effective Use of Project Lists

If you are an industry that is focused on projects and accomplishments then a project list can often be an excellent tool for not only demonstrating your accomplishments and experience over time but also as a way to show a diversity of engagement with varied types of endeavors. It is one of the most overlooked and often potentially useful devices you can

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Managing Your Professional Brand

What do Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Apple have in common? They are all top brands we can clearly identify. But they didn’t become that way online. They were established long before the advent of the Internet and social media. And today they are still working very effectively building their offline brand. Just as important as building an online brand, so is building your

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