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Top 10 Tips for Entertainment Related Job Interviews

The entertainment interview may be done in many ways, but the most common is an interview over a meal (generally lunch or breakfast, but sometimes a dinner) and it can include a one-on-one, but more often than not includes several interviewers who have a stake in your hiring. Why would they want to interview over a meal? There is any number of

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Tips for a Successful Interview

Interviews There are a number of key steps related to preparing for an interview, going through the interview and what to do after the interview. Of course, there are a variety of interviews, from an initial telephone inquiry to an in-person get together, and from follow up interview sessions (either one-on-one or among a group) to the final, closing interview. But the

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Six Tips for the Job Screening Interview

The job screening interview may be conducted in person or by telephone. It is almost always a quick behavioral or experienced focused discussion (questions about your past experience often predict your match to a current position and future action) conducted by just one person. It is very common for human resources personnel or recruiters to screen candidates by phone or video call

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